Our Culture

PPI’s mission is to elevate independent Advisors to help them grow their business, with a socially responsible mindset.

We help Advisors assist their clients in achieving their most important life milestones with financial protection and security - through life insurance, living benefits, and investments - for education, home and family life, building a business, and retirement. It’s incredible to be part of something that can change lives. Throughout Canada we have more than 10 collaboration centres where it all happens.

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Our social and environmental impact

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet and encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour throughout our operations.

Learn about how PPI is pursuing B Corp Certification.

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Supporting our communities

Our employee volunteer and corporate giving program, Connections, is a fun and convenient way for our employees to share their time and talent. PPI also makes contributions throughout Canada to support various communities.

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Diversity and inclusion

We value different perspectives to help drive innovation. Cultivating an inclusive workplace helps our employees thrive – benefitting our Advisors, their clients, and our company.

Learn more about our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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A Career at PPI

At PPI, each day you can make a meaningful difference when you support our independent insurance Advisors in providing financial security and peace of mind to their clients, Canadian families and businesses.

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Business Area
Job title: HR
City: North York, Ontario
Job title: Sales
City: Calgary, AB
Job title: Operations
City: Quebec, Québec
Job title: Sales
City: Edmonton, AB

Pamela Boyko
Sales Coordinator - Northern Alberta

I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary at PPI and love that my career is continuing to grow as I also recently took on a new role with the Sales team. PPI has offered me great opportunities to advance with the company and in my professional life.

In addition to growing my career, I like that PPI focuses on my work/life balance by offering health/wellness days and flexible work arrangements.

Louise Routhier
Director, Sales - Quebec

Working with PPI is a great experience for me. They provide a lot of resources in taxation, complex sales concepts, and presentations for the client to make my daily work easier. Different teams who can share their knowledge, I really appreciate that!

PPI has a great vision for future growth, which brings many career opportunities. And if you like technological tools, then you'll appreciate having an employer like PPI because there are always new tools being developed, which brings something new to our daily tasks and to our interactions with advisors. PPI also offers very competitive benefits and is committed to a management style based on human values and the personal and professional development of its employees.

Jackie Webber
Director, Business Solutions

I enjoy working for PPI and alongside my fellow colleagues to accomplish initiatives that enhance the Advisors’ experience, supports business development and overall industry progression. I also appreciate all of the opportunities there are within PPI to transition into new roles and learn new skillsets. PPI truly supports its employees and encourages professional growth.

Liz DaCorte
Manager, Business Operations - Ontario

I enjoy working with PPI because the organization is committed to growth and providing you with the latest technology and indispensable service experience from start to end processes. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who are committed to walking the extra mile!

James Desrosiers
Team Leader, IT Support Representative - East

Out of my 20+ years of work experience, this is the company that makes me feel truly at home. Managers are easily accessible, and they treat people like humans. They listen to suggestions and work hand in hand with employees to make sure that the work experience is as good as it can be.